Herald Poems: The Fatherless

Herald Poems: The Fatherless

by Joseph Anthony
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This is my first poem in 2020 and it is all about THE FATHERLESS. I wrote it in remembrance of my late dad. To the fatherless out there, I want you to know that you are not alone, fight and hold on for better days are near. You can find all my poems here.

Two years gone,
The pain is still fresh,
Too many questions to ask,
Feels like I am knocking on Heavens door,
Dad, Who do I ask?

Lying in the middle of the bed,
Tearing out my heart
To find the reason why you left,
The only thing I found was:

Tears In my eyes,
Pain in my heart,
Thoughts in my head.
I slept with my denial,
Only the lonely stay together.

Trying to catch myself before I fall,
I am leaning on the edge,
Hallucinating the table are turning and
Life was everything you said.

I soaked in all the tears till I am gone,
Fighting through the moment you left,
I trip to be alive
And die to forget.

I am watching myself drifting away,
Who do I call at the edge of night?
Calling to the afterlife,
Can you hear me when I cry?
Call out to afterlife,
Can you show me how to fight?

Caught out in the rain storm,
Deep into the darkness I got lost,
Is this the dark before the light?

In my dreams I can’t erase you,
Stolen promises beneath the temper,
I feel it in my bone it’s over,
Heaven save me from myself.

Oh, I hear your voice,
But now you’re gone,
I’m not letting go of holding on,
I know you’re serenaded by angels,
Keep resting in peace, dad.

Written by Anthony Okolie

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