Herald Poems: So Near But Still So Far

Herald Poems: So Near But Still So Far

by Joseph Anthony
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This is my third poem in 2020, I hope you find it interesting.  You can find all my poems here.

Trying not fall on my way home,
But these thoughts are wearing me down,
It’s driving me wild.

I need time to replace what I can’t change,
I still want it all or nothing,
I want to sleep next to you,
That’s all I want to do right now.

I want to come home to you,
I want to hold hands with you,
I want to sit next to you,
That’s all I want to do right now.

Someone tell me it’s not a dream,
I’m lost making sure you are okay,
Please don’t go away,
I know how we feel,
It’s not easy, tell me we’ll be fine.

I’m in the corner, watching you kiss him,
So near, but still so far,
My heartbeats stopped that night 
if I’m honest,
I’ll keep you safe inside my mind
As I try to say Goodbye.

I’m searching for what to do 
To make you mine again,
I known we aren’t where 
We said we would be.

Caught in my memories,
Lost underneath,
I see my soul flying,
Show me all your pictures
Of how we fell in love,
Maybe we can go back to the start again.

When it’s over 
And he doesn’t treat you
Like I could, call me,
I can be the shoulder to cry on,
A heart to rely on.

Written by Anthony Okolie

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